Summertime Sips

Happy Summer Everyone! We’ve been so spoiled this year with such beautiful weather! Lots of sunny, hot days with cooler nights, and much less humidity than usual. I love summertime, and there is no better way to cool down on a hot day than having a refreshing cold drink! Here are some of my favorites.

Raspberry and Rosemary Lemonade ~ Skewer about four fresh raspberries on a rosemary sprig and stir into to a chilled glass of lemonade. The raspberry color and flavor along with the rosemary will start to infuse. Add a little vodka to make it a cocktail. Perfect after a long day at the beach.


Chaipuccino ~ I’m a dedicated hot coffee drinker. Yes, even on hot days. I could never get into iced coffee, however, I love iced coffee drinks. Every once in a while I like to treat myself to one. This Chaipuccino from Half Moon is a mix of chai, espresso, milk, and topped with foam. Yum!


Vignoles/Vouvray ~ My two new favorite white wines. Every since I started wine tasting on the CT Wine Trail, I developed a taste and appreciation for white wines. The Vignoles from Truro Vineyards is a crisp, off-dry white that is great with spicy food or sushi. The Saget La Perriere Vouvray won me over at Vinted Wine Bar & Kitchen. It’s a medium sweet wine with high acidity and fruit and almond flavors. So glad the waitress recommended it!


Smoothies/Juices ~ To my surprise, I can make smoothies with an immersion blender. I’ve become somewhat of a smoothie addict. Shown below is a cucumber, beet, blueberry, kale, and lemon smoothie with an added scoop of Vega One Protein. I’ve also been trying different juices lately. Unfortunately I don’t own a juicer, so I’ll usually pick one up after Saturday morning yoga class. It’s Only Natural Restaurant makes a juice blend of carrot, apple, and ginger. So rejuvenating!


Manhattan/Old Fashioned ~ On the rocks please! These timeless classics are two of my go-to after dinner drinks. In the winter it’s straight up, but on a warm summer night I prefer it chilled. They’re cold, smooth, sweet, and pair well with great conversation.


Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Cheers!

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