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Winter Detox

Hello dear friends!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day! I’m not normally interested in taking part in this “holiday”, but I made plans anyways. I spent this wonderful evening catching up with one of my long-time friends, drinking (too much) wine, and indulging in delicious tapas. One of his requirements when choosing a restaurant was that it had to have some sort of rich, chocolatey dessert. Molto’s Chocolate Lava Cake and Cappuccino Martini’s totally hit the mark! (I would have taken more photos but the red lighting really made it difficult.)


Now that the hangover is over and my house is purged of all things sugar related, it’s time for a kick-start in the right direction. It’s very obvious that I need help and accountability to get me on the path of clean eating and ridding my body of toxins and candida. All this is possible thanks to a new friend, and fellow Health Coach, Krista of Ki-Elements. I joined her Winter Detox program that runs for 18 days. It’s a mini version of the elimination diet and a detox all in one. Perfect.

Today is Day One. My morning started off with an Immune Builder Smoothie: kale, spinach, flaxseed meal, plant-based protein powder, banana, and non-dairy milk. For lunch, a Kale & Avocado Salad with chopped apple and grilled chicken breast that I assembled at work.


Dinner will be some homemade Miso Soup with Bok Choy and a side of mashed sweet potatoes. At 7:00 PM we have our first group session over the phone. This is my first group program, and also my first detox program. So far, I feel pretty good. A little hungry, but that’s because I ate a lot over the weekend. I brought a lot of raw veggies for snacks today and they’re holding me over nicely.

I’ll keep you all posted as the days continue and, with permission, share some yummy, clean recipes from Krista’s program.

Have a happy, healthy week! 🙂

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