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Afternoon Escape to Boston

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After having a very emotional and stressful week, I needed a little weekend escape. I’ve been so focused on school work and my full-time job, and possibly going through some sort of weird early thirties crisis or something. Anyways, I needed to take a minute and get away from it all. The last time I was in Boston was St. Patrick’s Day 2007 visiting my friend Glenn who just moved there from California. Exactly 8 years later to the month, I headed up to Beantown.

My day started with a meeting at Central Mass Yoga & Wellness in West Boylston with my school study group. It was a great opportunity to meet some women in the program and get to know them. Of course mother nature decided that it should snow the second day of Spring so I wasn’t able to meet everyone, but there’s always next time.

Since I was only an hour away, I decided to hit up Glenn to grab some food and catch up. Glenn lives in a good sized studio apartment in Brighton within minutes of his workplace, Studio 52. After catching up over a drink or two at the apartment we walked over so I could check it out. Studio 52 is a large warehouse space turned into band rooms that artists can rent by the hour or monthly. There is a photography studio and recording studio as well. Since Glenn is passionate about music, and is a musician himself, supporting local artists and the Boston music scene is the perfect job for him.

The rest of the afternoon into the evening, we ate, we drank, played a few games of darts, and talked about our crazy lives. Our first stop was Lone Star Taco Bar, a small place that connects to a sister restaurant, Deep Ellum, right next door. We started off with some cocktails – Tamarindo and Mezcal with Lime – and some of the best chips and salsa I have ever had. The chips were served warm and coated in coarse salt & pepper. The salsa was just the perfect chunky-to-smooth ratio and was super fresh.

photo 2

Before Glenn suggested it, my eye was already drawn to the Grilled Street Corn passing by me. I thought, “Definitely getting that!” He also recommended the Carnitas Pork Tacos. Priced per taco, we each got one plus the street corn. I started on the taco first and was blown away at first bite. In fact I was so into it I forgot to take a picture, and that is why you’ll see a half eaten taco below. The delicate pork wrapped in the soft tortilla gave the taco such a light mouthfeel. Along with the flavors of the salsa verde and queso fresco, this taco was delicious. I think I even said, “It’s so light and lovely.” Which made Glenn laugh since he’s never heard anyone describe a taco as lovely before. It truly was.

photo 5_3

Next we dug into the three beautifully charred pieces of corn covered in a chili lime aioli and shredded cotija cheese. Such great flavors happening here. If you happen to go to Lone Star and order this corn, go ahead and dip your chips, your taco, or whatever else you may have in front of you right in that aioli. No judgement. There will be plenty left on the plate to do so.

photo 1

Pleasantly full and slightly buzzed, we headed over to the Silhouette Lounge. We hung out for hours playing darts, messing around with the jukebox, and noshing on the saltiest popcorn ever. By the way, free salty popcorn can sure make you thirsty! The Sil has everything you want in a dive bar. It was the perfect spot to transition from day-to-night.

photo 3

Our last stop, well, my last stop, was Lulu’s. A complete 180 in atmosphere from where we just were, but a nice change of pace. We sat at the bar and I ordered the Sriracha Tots served with a garlic aioli. They weren’t as spicy as I had hoped, but for $3 they hit the spot right before my long drive home.*

At this time I learned what Uber was. Apparently very reliable and cheaper than a taxi. Within minutes, we were picked up. I was impressed.

photo 5_4

I had such an incredible time in Boston. It was exactly what I needed. Many, many thanks to Glenn for a wonderful afternoon. I am so glad he had Saturday free to show me some fun local spots and, of course, to get some good eats! I look forward to my next visit… hopefully not 8 years from now.

On that note, I will leave you with this gem I found from my last trip to Boston in 2007. Oh, how the times have changed!


Now, back to reality. Till next time, Boston!

*If you’re wondering about the condition I was in to drive, don’t worry, I drank responsibly. I had a place to stay if I was the least bit unable. I wouldn’t dare get behind the wheel. Life is too short.

6 thoughts on “Afternoon Escape to Boston

    1. I was expecting them to be good ol’ tator tots maybe tossed in sriracha sauce or maybe seasoned in the potatoes, but they weren’t. They were, however, perfectly cripsy, tasty tots!

  1. It’s crazy but all the places you and Glenn ate and drank at, save for Silhouette, are my go to joints.
    Glad you made it up here, Glenn did you well and me proud πŸ™‚
    Isn’t Uber awesome?

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