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Eat All The Fats!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. 🙂 It was certainly nice to see my family and have it be totally stress-free this year. The turkey was perfect. I ate everything in sight. Overall, a holiday success.

Now, to get back to the grind. Thanksgiving weekend gave me a HUGE wake up call. My body has had enough and I am listening! If you read one of my last posts, I talked about a recent bad relationship with food that made me obsess and binge. I recognized the problem and decided to give in and eat what I wanted without thinking about it. It worked. Within a few weeks and one gluttonous holiday, my body spoke up and I listened.

In short, I am going Keto! With the help of Leanne Vogel’s The Keto Beginning, I will be trying out a Ketogenic Diet for the next month. Basically a Keto Diet is a low carb, high fat, and moderate protein eating style. I learned about Keto from following Leanne online and sharing her story. Her website, The Healthful Pursuit, had a lot of candida recipes that I found really helpful back when I was battling perioral dermatitis. I bought her book two years ago because I found this eating style extremely interesting. At the time, however, I couldn’t commit. I simply was not ready to give up oatmeal or quinoa or fruit!

Needless to say that has all changed right now. I have nothing to lose, except maybe a couple of pounds, bloat, cravings, fatigue… But didn’t a diet just get you into an obsession? Yes, it did. The difference here is that I am going into this process as an experiment. I am not expecting crazy results, I simply want to see if my body responds to this eating style. If I sense any sort of behavior that is unhealthy I know I need to stop. Awareness is key!

So here I go on this Keto journey eating clean, healthy fats in hopes to nourish and heal my body. I will be sharing updates of my progress on my Instagram and Snapchat stories if you wish to follow along. See you there, my friends!

xx Tammy